low acid regular coffees

Low Acid Regular Coffees

Simpatico Low Acid Coffees have a rich, smooth taste and are made using only the freshest Mexican coffee beans. Our coffee is both high grown and wild shade grown under the natural forest canopy. If drinking coffee causes you acid reflux, heartburn, or GERD, try Simpatico Low Acid Coffee. We think you'll agree it's the best low acid coffee around. Most of our regular low acid roasts are now certified organic!


Oaxacan gold coffee

Oaxacan Gold Coffee

Simpatico Oaxacan Gold Coffee is very flavorful, with a light-to-medium roast. Bright and toasty, this coffee from the Oaxacan region of Mexico features slightly above-average caffeine content and a clean finish. Find out why it's the most popular of our specialty coffee roasts. (Not a low acid coffee.)


absolute darkness coffee

Absolute Darkness

A blend of Sumatran and Mexican coffees, Simpatico Absolute Darkness is jet black, savory, full bodied, and sings in a French press or percolator. (Not a low acid coffee.)

low acid decaf coffees

Low Acid Decaf Coffees

Simpatico Low Acid Decaf Coffees are mountain water processed (no chemicals!) and taste remarkably like our regular coffees, with a smooth finish but without 99% of the caffeine. If regular coffee upsets your stomach or causes acid reflux, heartburn, or GERD, try Simpatico Low Acid Decaf. We think it's the best low acid decaf coffee around.  


Mexican amber dark coffee

Mexican Amber Dark 

On the darker side of medium, Simpatico Mexican Amber Dark is a specialty blend that makes a great breakfast coffee. This delicious coffee from the Oaxacan region is also perfect for finishing off a big meal. (Not a low acid coffee.)


Medium - A bright bodied roast with a clean, nutty flavor.
Black & Tan - A blend of our Dark and Medium roasts. Earthy berry undertones make this the perfect choice if you make iced coffee. A nice, even body.
Dark - A smoky roast, with dark fruits and a creamy body.
Way Darker (Espresso) - our darkest, most full-bodied espresso roast with dark chocolate notes and a rich, decedent finish. (Not available in decaf.)


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