Digestive Issues and Low Acid Simpatico Coffees

This coffee is magical - taste actually lives up to the wonderful aroma.

Many other coffees smell great but the taste disappoints. Simpatico coffees are the only ones that don’t set off this aging lady’s digestive issues. Delightful in every way! (And even my heart feels good about the fair trade and ethical sourcing.)

M. K.

I have enjoyed drinking several cups of coffee a day since I was 14 years old. I love coffee. I have always had stomach problems, but it got worse about 5 years ago. I also started having bladder pain whenever I drank coffee. My philosophy for giving up coffee was "when you pry it from my cold dead fingers." I did some research and found Simpatico Coffee, a low acid coffee. I ordered some immediately.

To my amazement, this coffee did not hurt my stomach or bladder.

I had to switch my husband over to Simpatico Coffee about three months later because he had a hiatal hernia and could not drink coffee. He started drinking Simpatico and to his delight, it did not bother his hernia. We have both been drinking Simpatico coffee for about 4 1/2 years. My husband says I make the best coffee around. I have also never had any problems ordering from this company and the shipment comes on time.

P. B.


I have always enjoyed a good cup of coffee for many years. Recently, I was having trouble with coffee. It often irritated my digestive system and I even gave up coffee for one year. It was really depressing.

But then I heard about your coffee brand. The low acid Simpatico coffee does not bother my system and the taste is terrific. I order your coffee online and it is delivered promptly to my door. I always order the 5 lb. dark roast. Thanks for your terrific product!
M.H. – California

Once upon a time, I worked nights, and needed coffee to stay awake. But my stomach couldn’t handle it. Doctors told me I should just suck up the acid reflux, find another job, or worst of all... give up coffee for good. It was at this lowest moment that I discovered Simpatico low-acid coffee, and I’ve never looked back. Even though I no longer work nights or even live in Michigan, I still drink Simpatico coffee every day, no acid reflux or stomach troubles in sight. Simpatico’s commitment to fair economic practices and sustainable agriculture—that’s just icing on the cake of delicious low-acid coffee. Order some today, and tell a friend! Together, we can all drink coffee happily ever after.
A.P. – North Carolina

Both my husband and I drink the low acid coffee from SimpaticoCoffee.com due to stomach issues. When I started researching low acid coffee six years ago, I came across Simpatico Coffee. It was getting rave reviews. I ordered some immediately and was so surprised at how gentle it was on our stomachs. I have continued to order Simpatico Coffee since my first order. It is the only coffee my husband and I drink at our house, and we drink coffee every day. Neither of us have had any issues with this delicious, smooth coffee.
P.B. – Montana

I began drinking Simpatico low acid decaf coffee (not sure when I placed my first order) because of stomach issues. I no longer have those issues but continue to order because I LOVE my (dark roast) coffee. Full flavored smooth and I love that it is naturally decaffeinated. Also love the safe harvesting. Thank you for providing this product!
J.F. – Connecticut

First I would like to say my reason for starting with Simpatico was because I wanted a low acid coffee due to bad digestive issues.  Mind you this is the only pleasure left for me to indulge in so it's a priority for me.  Also, I was looking for a whole bean, dark roast decaf coffee without that decaf aftertaste/smell I dislike intensely. 
So, I ordered Simpatico after trying a couple of the other brands out there and they were okay but I found them to be lackluster.  My search continued.  When I tried Simpatico Coffee, I was not only happy it agreed with my stomach, but the flavor is wonderful and has been consistently smooth, rich, delicious, full of complex flavors and simply the best of any coffee I have ever had and no decaf aftertaste. I say this with experience having sold coffee myself for over 10 years for a major manufacturer.  Visiting coffee roasting plants and chewing on the newly roasted beans was a favorite habit of mine when my stomach was in a happy place. I am so pleased to not only find my favorite coffee ever, that doesn't hurt me, but to be able to get pretty quickly with that consistent quality is very comforting.  I have ordered at least 25 lbs. so I would say I have had a really good sample trial to be a reliable judge of this brand. I love that this is a small company where my business is appreciated.  Thank you to, Alex the owner, for his continued efforts to keep producing a top shelf brand at a reasonable price and not compromise the quality.  Keep up the good work Alex!
K.K. – Connecticut

I have been a coffee fanatic for over a decade. During that time, I started to experience food intolerance which led me to reducing my coffee consumption in order to heal my gut. Let’s be clear, coffee was never an addiction I had – let’s say it was more of a morning routine and something I that I looked forward to when I got out of bed. I enjoyed one cup every morning before the sunrise. It was my peace and quiet time. I tried to find a coffee that didn’t make be jittery or irritate my gut. I started to experiment with different organic brands on the market and nothing was worth the feelings I felt after a cup. Then one day my husband stumbled across a coffee article highlighting ‘low-acid’ coffee as an alternative for those with sensitive digestion. I didn’t believe it would work but heck let’s give it a try. We ordered our first bag of low acid whole coffee beans from Simpatico and made our first americano with their beans. It was smooth, velvety, and not the slightest hint of a bitter taste. We tried all the different roasting styles and none of them irritated my gut! My worries were over and my life just got better.

I am still a coffee snob and even travel with my personal French press, hand grinder, and bag of Simpatico beans. Whether I’m on the road or in a hotel room I can stick with my morning routine and feel good about it. Now that my kids are older, I have noticed my supply is depleting a bit faster. Something tells me that the next generation will be enjoying these beans as much as I do.
H.W. – Arizona

I drink Simpatico Coffee because I have acid reflux that resulted in Barret's Esophagus.  I never thought I'd find a decaf that was low acid and had any flavor. I found Simpatico online and tried it. Not only was it delicious, no stomach distress. As I changed coffee makers I would speak to the folks at Simpatico and they would help me find the right grind. Great coffee! Great customer service and the coffee comes fast and fresh. What more could you ask for.
M.W. – Connecticut

I love Simpatico coffee. All my adult life I have been a coffee fanatic. Then all the commercial coffee I bought and drank upset my stomach. Simpatico to the rescue. It is wonderful tasting and does not upset my stomach. Thank you Simpatico.
H.S. – California

I am SO thankful that I found Simpatico coffee! I have been a coffee lover for many years but my stomach is also very sensitive. Simpatico Coffee is the only coffee I’ve found that I can drink with total ease. It’s so smooth and is the perfect way to start my day and keep me going through my kids’ bedtime. It’s the only brewed coffee I drink now and it has also made the perfect gift for neighbors and family. Online purchases are shipped so quickly! Thank you for the effort and love you put into your business. #1 fan forever.
H.T. – Michigan

Simpatico low acid coffee is amazing for me. I cannot drink regular acid coffee. The acid immediately effects my stomach. I have NEVER had that problem with Simpatico. Locally I can buy low acid coffee. The coffee from one company is not as pH balanced as (is higher in acid than) Simpatico's coffee. The other company's beans don't taste anywhere near as good as the dark roast from Simpatico. And Simpatico is less expensive. So, I buy decaf and caffeinated coffee from Simpatico. They ALWAYS are professional in handling my orders. GREAT company!
P.L. – Vermont

I drink Simpatico coffee because I was having stomach issues and thought I would have to quit drinking coffee. My son-in-law introduced me to your low acid coffee and I love it. No more stomach issues!
K.Z. – California

The answer is simple: I have acid stomach problems. It got to be so bad I had to give up coffee, which I did for several years. One day I decided that I love coffee too much to live without my morning brew, so I spent about 6 months trying all the reduced acid coffee on the market. After much trial and error, I decided that Simpatico makes THE very best low acid coffee. No other coffee comes close. Also, Simpatico is organic and sourced from small producers. Seriously Alex, until I tried Simpatico, I was ready to give up coffee forever. Last thought, your coffee makes PERFECT cold brew, and brewing a delicious low acid coffee via a low acid cold brew process is pure heaven. I’m a Simpatico loyalist for life. 
H.L. – Minnesota

You ask why we drink Simpatico?

1 - We like the flavor. Its good coffee. 
2 - We lived in Holland, MI for 23 years, in a downtown neighborhood. When Simpatico started up it was a good place to meet up with friends. We drank Simpatico at home too. 
3 - We moved to Las Vegas, NV in 2019. When the coffee we brought with us ran out, and we didn’t find a local roaster we liked, we started ordering Simpatico. Everyone we have served Simpatico coffee to out west in Las Vegas remarks how good the coffee is.
4 - Both my husband and I have had issues with a sensitive digestive system at different times. Simpatico doesn’t cause us issue or irritation with our systems.
5 - We like that we are supporting a small business which deals with the farmers in a equitable way.

With much appreciation for each cup we drink!
H+J.D. – Nevada

Low acid coffee has always been a non- negotiable in my house. My husband and I suffer from heartburn/indigestion and it stopped us from drinking coffee without pairing it with tums/antacids. Trying to find low acid coffee to buy is difficult and after spending endless amounts of money on trying new kinds, nothing seemed to work or was affordable. After moving to Holland, I found out we had a local roaster less than a mile down the road. I haven’t quit drinking Simpatico since! And now we don’t need tums in my house anymore! Simpatico changed our lives.
K.K. – Michigan