Simpatico Low Acid Coffees and Interstitial Cystitis

"Two years ago I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis and needed to cut acid out of my diet. Loving a fresh cup of coffee first thing in the morning, I did not want to give up my coffee so did some research and read several reviews. I tried 2-3 other brands and the coffee was either flat, tasteless, or bitter. I decided to give Simpatico medium roast a try and bought a 2 lb bag of whole beans and ground it myself.

The coffee is rich and delicious!

I even serve it to my guests and they do not know they are drinking a low acid coffee.

M. F.


I am delighted to have a chance to tell everyone how excellent your coffee is for me. I have IC (interstitial cystitis) which I manage with diet and your low acid coffee fits perfectly. It is delicious (both regular and decaf) and visitors love it too. The fact that it is sustainably harvested is very important also. Thank you for an excellent product.
J.F. – Virginia

Unfortunately, I was blessed with a disease of the bladder called interstitial cystitis (IC). I am an avid coffee drinker. Straight to pot each morning. Dr told me no more coffee, UGH! I’m fairly young and could not nor did not want to give up something I get joy from.
So, I started investing. Most coffees have low acid through a chemical process and that’s the last thing my bladder needed.
Stumbled onto Simpatico and have been drinking if for yrs now!!!! No problem with my bladder.
I must have fresher no preservatives foods as they do well with my body.
You will not be disappointed!!
Thank you Simpatico for changing my life.
J.T. – Georgia

Simpatico coffee is the only coffee I drink! I discovered it several years ago while looking for a low acid coffee. Due to a chronic condition I have, called interstitial cystitis or painful bladder disease, my body does not tolerate acidic foods and drinks well. They cause me physical pain and discomfort. Over the years, I have tried different herbal drinks and other brands of low acid coffees. But the herbal drinks didn't satisfy my coffee-loving heart! The other brands of low acid coffee that I have tried either still caused me problems or were really lacking in taste.  So, I am so thankful to have discovered Simpatico! The coffee is delightful and I am able to have coffee and remain symptom-free! And the Simpatico decaf is the best tasting decaf coffee I have ever tried, hands down!  I love, love, love Simpatico coffee!!!
D.S. – Louisiana

I drink Simpatico low acid coffee because I have a condition called interstitial cystitis that makes it painful for me to drink regular coffee due to both the acid content and caffeine. Before I found Simpatico, I thought I would have to give up coffee altogether. But Simpatico really works for me, and I can even drink the caffeinated varieties in moderation without issues. I have made many dietary changes to accommodate my condition, and it is always very exciting to find a product that lets me salvage something I love. Thanks for making great low acid coffee!
A.S. – California

I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis in 2007, which means I have a fairly restrictive diet designed to avoid acidic and other types of food and drinks that cause IC flares. I was thrilled to discover Simpatico low-acid decaf coffee a few years ago. I remember holding my first cup of coffee after receiving my order. The smell and taste of good coffee had been missing from my life for almost 10 years. I drink Simpatico low-acid decaf coffee every single day.
Thank you!

K.S. – Virginia

I have a medical condition that is exacerbated by caffeine and acidic food and drinks. I came across Simpatico several years ago while looking for a coffee that met my needs. I decided to try Simpatico and have been drinking it ever since! The low acid decaf is just as tasty as any other type of coffee I have tried, and its mountain water processed with no chemicals!  I am also a native Michigander and love to support the business.
R.H. – Utah

I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis. This is a very painful bladder disease if you do not monitor it. I had a lot of small pleasures taken away from being my morning cup of coffee. I had researched the web and found other companies that offered an acid free version of coffee... but they all seemed to lack in flavor and were extremely overpriced. I gave Simpatico Coffee a try; and LOVED it. Simpatico not only tastes amazing, but it allowed me to feel normal again. I have been able to heal because of Simpatico. I cannot recommend this brand enough. Thank you!
L.B. – Oregon

I drink Simpatico coffee because it is delicious!! After being diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis, I had to give up caffeine and acidic foods amongst other things. So, I tried different decaf beverages as well as other decaf coffees. None of them hit the spot, just didn’t taste good, until I found Sympatico and cold brewed my coffee. My body tolerates it well, and it is just what my spirits and taste buds need! In cold weather, I microwave my cold brew for a warm breakfast beverage. (probably heresy for a coffee professional, but I love it!) Thanks for the great tasting safe coffee!
S.F. – Pennsylvania

I have a condition called interstitial cystitis. I am on a low acid diet to help control this condition, but I didn’t want to give up coffee altogether! Simpatico was the recommended brand by the IC Network, especially for decaffeinated. I tried it and was hooked! I can honestly say that it is as rich as any coffee I have ever used, and with the 5 lb. bag, it’s more affordable than coffees of the same quality that I could buy locally.

K.M. – Pennsylvania

As I’ve gotten older, I found my stomach reacting badly to the acids in coffee.  I also began having a bladder problem and coffee increased the pain for that also.  I stopped drinking coffee for 2 years!!  I tried to substitute teas but it just wasn’t the same.  Coffee in the morning was my favorite thing, as was coffee with friends, coffee when I was working...sigh....then I discovered low acid coffees.  I was delighted!  I hoped I could go back to drinking at least some coffee again.  First, I tried brewing my own cold press coffee.  It was so smooth, it was tasteless even when I used an espresso roast.  Then I tried at least 3 different brands of low acid coffee and found them roasted too light.  The flavor too sharp.  I love a mellow, rich, dark blend.  Something similar to an Americano.  Then, just by searching the web again for low acid coffee, I stumbled onto Simpatico Coffee.  I was impressed that they offered not one type but a number of roasts from very light to very dark.  I tried it and their dark roast was EXACTLY what I was looking for!  Strong but mellow, rich and flavorful espresso.  It tasted like really good coffeeshop coffee, but it was low in acid.  I could barely believe it at first.  As I drank it, I kept doubting that it really was low acid because it tasted so much better than every other one that I’d tried.  I’ve been drinking it now for over 3 years and it hasn’t bothered me yet.  

And they’re located in Michigan, where I was born, which added to the charm for me.  I would highly recommend this coffee, even if you don’t have problems with regular coffee.
J.U. – Maryland