Simpatico Ranks Among the Best Tasting Low Acid Coffees on the Planet

Here's what reviewers and customers are saying:

The flavor winners by far among the advertised low-acid coffees were the Simpatico Coffee samples.” —

“Using high-quality Mexican coffee beans, Simpatico offers a rich and smooth taste with minimum after burn. Non acidic coffee beans help to maintain a consistent flavor without the bitterness.”—

One of my favorite entries on this list, Simpatico’s coffee is a stand-out to my palate.”

“Despite being low-acid, it still retained the full-bodied taste that regular coffee has.”

“You’re able to enjoy the rich flavorful coffee blend with no bitter aftertaste. Simpatico gives you a smooth decadent finish with a rich crema.”

Simpatico lets you enjoy your favorite brew while also minimizing its after-effects.”


A cup of good coffee is the way I love to start my day. I have tried many other low-acid coffees and coffee substitutes.

Only Simpatico tastes like real coffee and yet does not aggravate the two conditions which make coffee drinking high risk for me.

I am glad that I found it.

L. F.

As avid coffee lovers, we've tried many varieties of low-acid coffees and roasters, both small local and larger national brands, over the years.  About 5 years ago we discovered Simpatico after reading reviews online. 

We absolutely love Simpatico low-acid coffee!  It is by far the best tasting, always smooth and rich. We appreciate your efforts to provide organic beans and your companies support of sustainable practices. The ability to choose whole beans or ground, the variety of bag sizes, and fast, free delivery are all huge pluses!

We drink both the regular low-acid and the decaf low-acid darker roasts and have received many complements when serving your delicious coffee to family and friends.  Now, our daughter and son-in-law regularly order Simpatico as well as several extended family members!  

Thank you for your excellent beans that help us enjoy our morning coffee each and every day!
M.B – Missouri

So happy to be able to let everyone know how much I love this coffee! I have travelled far and near trying coffee. Our love for coffee began when we travelled through Europe. We could taste the dark rich flavor we had not had before.
My husband and I make espresso every morning we buy the Way Darker for the European richness we love.

Thank you Simpatico for the bold rich flavor you bring to our table every morning.
D.N. – Michigan

I am a person who likes to drink a lot of coffee.  Being an engineer, I typically over think many things and choosing my coffee fell into that category.  I have tried a lot of different coffees and for me being a traditionalist, my coffee needs to taste like, well, coffee.  No pumpkin spice for me. 

There are a lot of good coffees out there.  I can drink any of them, but some of them are really acidic, and if you like to drink coffee all day as I do, then one needs to be careful about consuming too much acid.  In my opinion, acid and flavor are linked so neutralizing all the acid can really neutralize the flavor as well.  Getting the balance right between acid and flavor is key to finding the best choice.  Understand that this category is not "no" acid coffee, but "low" acid coffee.  What we want in the end is a great tasting cup of coffee that doesn't punish the body in the end.

So I shopped around and tried a lot of different low acid coffees and little by little, I whittled down the list.  I would have 3 bags of coffee open at one time while I went through the elimination process.  In the end, I went with Simpatico low acid medium roast and have continued to stay with it.  The taste is full bodied in a traditional sense, and very satisfying.  It doesn't disagree with me as some coffees do, and the cost is reasonable.  If you are looking to try a good tasting cup of coffee that's not hard on your system, then you can't go wrong giving this one a try.  It took first place in my contest.
M.H. – Virginia

Simpatico is the BEST coffee I have ever tasted and the only one that does not bother my stomach!! I do not even have to buy the low acid version!!   I refuse to drink anything else so there I am with my old-fashioned percolator and I am in heaven!! I love the Darkest whole bean!! Please don't stop making these out of the world beans. Literally, I would die if I could not brew this awesome coffee. I would highly suggest coffee lovers who have stomach issues to try Simpatico!! Thank you Alex for a WONDERFUL product!  :-)
L.C. – New Jersey

We purchased our first pound of dark roast and seven years later are still purchasing the dark roast (five pounds at a time) now delivered to our front porch!  We are always sharing our passion, along with samples with our friends and family!
M.C. – Michigan

Simpatico Coffee is extremely smooth, low acid and tastes great no matter which roast I get.  It is a perfect gift choice to pick up for my coffee loving friends.  Anytime someone is over and has a cup of coffee, they ask wow what kind of coffee is this.
B.M. – Michigan

We first tasted your coffee at the Meridian Farmers' Market in Okemos. We had been searching for a low-acid coffee to match the smooth, non-bitter coffees we had when we traveled in Europe. We found it in Simpatico. We use the pour-over method. Now, nothing seems to match the good cup of coffee we make at home.
J+H – Michigan

We discovered Simpatico Coffee when a friend gave us a pound of coffee as a thank you gift.  We loved the low acidic quality and the great taste!  We have been ordering it ever since.  Such a great value and such a treat.
C.G. – Texas

I need a low-acid coffee, as do many others. But before I found Simpatico, low-acid meant low-taste and low-enjoyment.  Heck no, not "low-enjoyment", but "VERY-low-enjoyment" ... and in today's world, if you can't love your morning cup-of-Joe, why even get out of bed. Simpatico beans, a wonderful grinder, unbleached filter paper and a proper pour-over cone, bottled water and the right kettle ... magic happens at 190 degrees. Yes, I use a laser thermometer to get the water temp perfect.  Hey, you treat a fine automobile right (keep it in the garage, do the maintenance, and so on), so treat the fine coffee that the great people at Simpatico ship you with just as much care. You will be rewarded every time you lift that coffee mug. They don't make mugs big enough for me, big enough to match the big taste of Simpatico -- I will be switching to a small trash can with handles. I switched to Simpatico from Trader Joe's Low Acid which is truly awful.  I also tried Puroast, equally bad.  Then I tried the lowest-acid capsule from Nespresso, Kazar, which tastes great but is not low-acid enough. So, I use your ground coffee in a "make your own Nespresso clone pod" from SealPod and that is terrific when I don't have the grinder available. I tell every coffee drinker I meet that the winning combo is Simpatico, SealPod, and a cheap Nespresso machine if you want a fast, no effort cup, featuring low acid and great taste.
L.C. – Florida

It doesn’t get any better than this. I’m a picky coffee drinker, so I search for the best and thanks to good friends, I discovered Simpatico. You deliver the perfect combination of smooth, low acid coffee with amazing bold taste. Thanks for making it easy to order during the shutdown and now great attention to details in your coffee shops.  I love knowing I’m supporting a local business that cares about how the coffee is grown and processed; kudos on your organic certification!
K.B. – Michigan

My wife Judy and I have 2-3 cups of coffee every morning (occasionally more). One Saturday morning, we were at our Kalamazoo Farmers Market and there was a shining face at a booth selling coffee. One of the choices was low acid coffee. We so enjoyed that coffee that we bought a bag that morning. Roll that beautiful bean footage forward and we bought another on another Saturday and then began ordering online on a regular basis. Two pounds of dark roast low acid takes only a few keystrokes and within a couple of days...the coolest thing to regularly arrive in our mailbox is cheerfully hauled up the driveway and placed into the vault (ok, the cupboard). So, we’re regulars. We’re happy when the pot has brewed enough to sneak a cup before it’s full. And we’re glad that we found you and your product.
D+J. S. – Michigan

We drink Simpatico because it tastes amazing!!  Everything else is icing on the cake - organic, sustainable, low acid, and smooth.  So smooth.  We got hooked on it at a farmer's market and have been ordering for years now.  Love it!
K.D. – Virginia

I've been drinking Simpatico Coffee since I vacationed in Holland, MI in 2014.  My twin sister and I both have pain issues that are worsened with an acidic diet.  The change to low acid coffee was a game changer for us.  And Simpatico is the best low acid coffee I've ever tasted. I order both decaffeinated and regular grinds in the darkest roast available.  I have it ground for pour over brew and it's truly wonderful. I recommend this coffee frequently to other people who have chronic pain that think they have to give up coffee.
M.D. – Michigan

Simpatico has everything I love about coffee. 
- Local company
- Great employees to deal with
- Love the coffee: it's smooth (low acid content is a bonus); several roasts and varietals to choose from; reasonable prices, especially for coffee this good.
- It's not everywhere you can get freshly roasted coffee that hasn't been sitting on the shelf for a looong time.  If you check into the roast date information, you'll find that often the coffee you buy today was roasted within the last 3-5 days. I couldn't ask for more.
E.J. – Michigan

Simpatico is clearly one of the smoothest coffees we ever tasted.  It is not bitter, and delivers a well roasted deep rich flavor.  It all starts with the quality and source of the beans.  Even the Decaf is great.  Prior to discovering Simpatico it was pretty impossible to find a satisfying decaf coffee that was not inferior in taste to the caffeinated version.
M.S. – Michigan

I do not enjoy food or beverages that have a bitter taste, which is a direct result of the presence of acidic compounds. This is the case for both wines and coffee. Sauvignon blanc and high tannic acid red wines are in this category. During an internet search several years ago to find a low acid coffee, Simpatico was rated as having both low acid and excellent flavor. Research reports showed that Simpatico dark roast had the lowest acid while having excellent flavor. I bought a 2 lb. bag of the dark roast whole bean coffee since grinding just before brewing provides the highest concentration of aromatic compounds (flavor) in the coffee. Since that time, I have not found any other brand of coffee that is smooth with excellent flavor. The bonus with Simpatico is that it provides a living wage to the farmers raising the beans. What’s not to like about this product? Why are you still drinking coffee that is not smooth on the palate?
J.N. – Florida

I was looking for a low-acid decaf coffee with great taste, due to long-term stomach issues I have had.  I came upon Simpatico and now it is my coffee of choice!
J.K. – New York

My household and workplace have been drinking Simpatico Black & Tan Blend exclusively for years. It’s rich, bold, and smoooooth. There no acidic feeling or aftertaste with this coffee, and everyone we’ve introduced this coffee to has been thoroughly impressed! 
C.R. – New York

I have tried a few "low acid" decaf coffee brands. I was looking for low acid, decaf and a very dark roast. All the other brands I tried all had things I enjoyed but Simpatico Coffee was what I was looking for. The flavor is fabulous I don't feel I am missing a thing. My mail carrier tells me he enjoys delivering my mail especially when he delivers my coffee bean! 
T.C. – Oregon

Every morning I start my day with a lovely ritual of slowly pouring steaming water over fragrant freshly ground Simpatico Way Darker beans.  The process takes about 20 minutes and has become a favorite time of the day.  Time to be present, slow down, smell the coffee and then...that first sip...everyday, I look forward to that first sip...everyday...perfectly delicious!  In addition to it being the best perfectly smooth dark roast coffee, anywhere...I love to support local businesses and especially one that is doing so much good to support the farmers whose lives are centered around growing coffee in a sustainable and organic way. 
M.S. – Michigan

I love aromatic, rich, smooth expresso.  That is why I love Simpatico's Way Darker beans.  However, I am only able to enjoy them because they are low acid. 
What an unbeatable combination of taste and gentleness on the digestive track!  In addition, Simpatico offers great customer service, both in their two Holland, MI locations and when purchasing online.  I have traveled extensively both in the US and internationally and sampled coffee around the globe.  Simpatico coffee ranks amongst the best anywhere.
J.S. – Michigan

My daughter was advised by her doctor to reduce acidity in her diet and we realized that by going to a low acid coffee, she could have some coffee.  Once we all tasted it (we order the Black and Tan) we realized that not only did we all notice the reduction in acidity but it is the smoothest, best coffee we have ever had.  It has been about 4 years and it is all we drink. And we love Holland (pass through on our annual trip farther north). I travel to western Michigan on business so I have bought it directly from your stores but I live in Chicago area so mostly order online and get the order very promptly.  Thank you.
D.W. – Illinois

My wife and I have been fans of Simpatico Coffee since the early days, when we would show up at the Lincoln Ave warehouse on the few days you were open for retail. My wife has trouble with heartburn, andfound that Simpatico decaffeinated satisfied her love of coffee without the unpleasant side effects. We both love the smooth taste, and we often mix the dark roast regular with the decaf for a very satisfying morning drink. We were delighted when Simpatico opened first one and then two coffee shops in Holland, and then added the brew truck at the Farmers’ Market. We’re grateful and loyal fans, who appreciate the sustainable practices that provide this excellent coffee.
B+R.H. – Michigan






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