Simpatico Ranks Among the Best Tasting Low Acid Coffees on the Planet

Here's what reviewers and customers are saying:

The flavor winners by far among the advertised low-acid coffees were the Simpatico Coffee samples.” —

“Using high-quality Mexican coffee beans, Simpatico offers a rich and smooth taste with minimum after burn. Non acidic coffee beans help to maintain a consistent flavor without the bitterness.”—

One of my favorite entries on this list, Simpatico’s coffee is a stand-out to my palate.”

“Despite being low-acid, it still retained the full-bodied taste that regular coffee has.”

“You’re able to enjoy the rich flavorful coffee blend with no bitter aftertaste. Simpatico gives you a smooth decadent finish with a rich crema.”

Simpatico lets you enjoy your favorite brew while also minimizing its after-effects.”


"Two years ago I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis and needed to cut acid out of my diet. Loving a fresh cup of coffee first thing in the morning, I did not want to give up my coffee so did some research and read several reviews. I tried 2-3 other brands and the coffee was either flat, tasteless, or bitter. I decided to give Simpatico medium roast a try and bought a 2 lb bag of whole beans and ground it myself.

The coffee is rich and delicious!

I even serve it to my guests and they do not know they are drinking a low acid coffee.

M. F.


A cup of good coffee is the way I love to start my day. I have tried many other low-acid coffees and coffee substitutes.

Only Simpatico tastes like real coffee and yet does not aggravate the two conditions which make coffee drinking high risk for me.

I am glad that I found it.

L. F.


This coffee is magical - taste actually lives up to the wonderful aroma.

Many other coffees smell great but the taste disappoints. Simpatico coffees are the only ones that don’t set off this aging lady’s digestive issues. Delightful in every way! (And even my heart feels good about the fair trade and ethical sourcing.)

M. K.


I have enjoyed drinking several cups of coffee a day since I was 14 years old. I love coffee. I have always had stomach problems, but it got worse about 5 years ago. I also started having bladder pain whenever I drank coffee. My philosophy for giving up coffee was "when you pry it from my cold dead fingers." I did some research and found Simpatico Coffee, a low acid coffee. I ordered some immediately.

To my amazement, this coffee did not hurt my stomach or bladder.

I had to switch my husband over to Simpatico Coffee about three months later because he had a hiatal hernia and could not drink coffee. He started drinking Simpatico and to his delight, it did not bother his hernia. We have both been drinking Simpatico coffee for about 4 1/2 years. My husband says I make the best coffee around. I have also never had any problems ordering from this company and the shipment comes on time.

P. B.



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