What is low acid coffee?

Simpatico Low Acid Coffee starts with the best coffee beans from the very best community-owned fincas (ranches) in Mexico. After careful sorting, the beans are roasted to our exacting standards in a high-tech roaster. Shade grown coffee beans are naturally low acid, and our unique roasting process further reduces acidity. Unlike some of our competition, Simpatico Low Acid Coffee is 100% coffee and 100% natural—always has been and forever shall be!

How low acid is your coffee?

The higher the ph level, the lower the acid. So, in this case, we want a high number to show how low in acid we are (yes, it’s counter-intutitive, but what can you do?). Our dark roast low acid coffee tests at a ph of 5.91 and our medium roast low acid coffee comes in at a ph of 5.75. This makes ours some of the lowest acid coffees on the market. Of course, coffee is a natural, organic product, so there can be small fluctuations in that number

Do you carry organic coffee?

All of our regular low acid roasts are now certified organic! All of our Mexican coffee beans are grown pesticide free, herbicide free, and synthetic fertilizer free. Our farmers can do this because the coffee is wild grown. And when we say wild grown, we mean WILD grown.  Simpatico Coffee is shade grown under the natural forest canopy. This keeps the entire wild ecosystem intact. This also preserves the natural balance of beneficial insects and birds that keep the bad insects at bay. The indigenous forests that surround the trees keep weeds in check and provide natural fertilizers.

How is your Decaf processed?

Simpatico roasts the best tasting low acid decaf coffee using the mountain water decaffeinating process (which means—you guessed it—water and only water is used to decaffeinate our coffee). We don’t use chemicals, ever!  

Do you sell pods for single cup brewers?

No, but we’re happy to grind our coffee for you, so you can take advantage of a reusable pod for your machine of choice.

Can I buy a gift card?

Sure thing! Our E-Gift Certificates are sold on this website and are valid only on this website (not in our stores).  If you would like to purchase a gift card valid in our stores, please give us a call at 616-953-0534.

How Will my Order Ship? Do you ship internationally?

Your order will ship USPS.  Orders under a pound in weight ship first class mail.  Orders weighing more than a pound ship Priority Mail (2-3 days). If you wish us to ship our coffee internationally, we can do so but fair warning: international shipping is expensive! Give us a call at (1) 616-953-0534 for details.

How Was Simpatico Low Acid Coffee Certified?

In 2011, Simpatico Coffee partnered with the Department of Food Science at Michigan State University to certify our special product line of low acid coffees. Simpatico Low Acid Coffees are consistently ranked among the best low acid coffees in the world.

Give us a call if you have any questions at 616-953-0534


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