Grown in the Mountains of Mexico, Roasted in Michigan, Enjoyed Everywhere

All of our 100% arabica coffee is shade grown and wild grown, harvested using traditional methods in Oaxaca, Mexico. When we say wild grown, we mean WILD grown. Simpatico coffee is grown under the natural forest canopy, keeping the entire wild ecosystem intact. This preserves the natural balance of beneficial insects and birds that keeps the bad insects at bay. The indigenous forests keep weeds in check and provide natural fertilizers. Our farmers don't use pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers. All of the regular coffee low acid roasts we sell on this website are Organic Certified! Worried about mold?  Our coffee has always been triple-checked against defect! 

We buy our coffee beans directly from the farmers, with no middle men involved. All of our beans are triple tested for quality against defect. Next, we clean, export, import, and roast 100% of the coffee ourselves. We take pride in our sustainable system, which benefits the farmer, the earth, and the customer. (We pay our farmers higher-than-fair-trade prices and, by not pursuing Fair Trade certification, we eliminate much of the paperwork and hassles the famers would have to undertake.) 

Simpatico Coffees were ranked best tasting among low acid coffees in a blind, third party review by! They said, "The flavor winners by far among the advertised low-acid coffees were the Simpatico Coffee samples."

Oaxaca Mexican Coffee
Oaxaca, Mexico