Nice Coffee, Nice People

It all started while Alex Fink was enjoying coffee at a small beachfront cafe in Mexico in 2010. The smooth, bright flavor led to cup after cup, without any stomach upset. He headed home with suitcases full of coffee beans, and soon after, Simpatico Coffee was born.

We're excited to bring you this full-bodied, smooth coffee that’s not only great tasting, but also naturally low acid.  We hope that, like us, your first cup leads to a second.

All of our beans are imported from the mountainous rural states of southern Mexico, long known for producing some of the world’s best tasting coffee. All of our 100% arabica coffee beans are wild shade grown under a natural forest canopy and then traditionally harvested and processed. All of the regular coffee sold on this website is Organic Certified. The beans are mechanically sorted to assure that only first class beans remain, providing a pure taste devoid of defects.

Our Mexican coffee growers harvest the coffee beans from wild-growing bushes located high in the mountains. Our growers have all pledged to be pesticide and herbicide and synthetic fertilizer free. Since the bushes are growing wild, they don’t need them. The natural ecosystem keeps pests and weeds in balance. These ecosystems are good for biodiversity including birds and beneficial insects. We worked hard to get organic certifications for the regular coffees you'll find for sale here.

Simpatico Coffee aims to restore ethics to an industry that has become nontransparent. We eliminate all the middlemen, buying direct from our growers. They earn more, you pay less.

All of our roasting and packaging is done at our headquarters in Holland, Michigan. The coffee beans are roasted in the low emissions Revelation roaster, one of the most efficient in the world. We roast our beans to order in small batches. This means that they are the freshest possible when we ship them to you. Our roasted coffee never sits for months in a distribution warehouse.

Simpatico Coffee Mission Statement

To import, roast, package, serve, and sell smooth, delicious coffee and teas in an environmentally responsible and socially just manner.

Simpatico Coffee Vision

To build a Simpatico Nation consisting of innovative products sold through a series of excellently serviced outlets.

Simpatico Coffee Values

To treat our customers, employees, and growers with integrity and loyalty.
To honor the earth by conserving and protecting its resources.
To listen, learn, evolve, and grow in innovative and purposeful ways.
To value hard work and creative thought while providing value through quality products.


Alex Fink

Alex Fink, Founder of Simpatico Coffee

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