Simpatico Coffee for Reflux and GERD

My husband I have always been dedicated coffee drinkers, experimenting with different blends and brewing techniques in search of a great cup of coffee.   Then, because of acid reflux, my doctor told me I needed to stick to low acid coffees, as well as avoiding caffeine.  We must have tried almost every variety of low acid coffee we could find, always being disappointed with the resulting cup of coffee.  Then we found your company and your Decaf low acid dark smooth roast and have gone back to enjoying our morning coffee again.  
H.W. – Massachusetts

When coffee became fashionable, most cups gave me stomach acid and eventually GERD; I started using cream until I realized that my stomach was also reacting to the lactose in the dairy products.
I guessed I’d have to give up coffee for good, but I researched low acid coffees online and found Simpatico. I ordered a small amount. One last attempt. First, I opened the air-tight Simpatico bag to recall the beautiful aroma I remembered from our camping days. Second, the rich creamy top of the coffee in my cup. Then the flavor. The first time my niece tried it, she said, “It tastes like candy.” I agree; it tastes buttery with just a bit of chocolate and caramel on my tongue. I didn’t realize at first that it didn’t upset my stomach after drinking two or three cups, and my husband warned me that I might suffer later. But I didn’t suffer, and I haven’t yet suffered from Simpatico low acid. I’m a morning coffee drinker. My husband is an all-day coffee man. Always Simpatico, and we’ve recommended it to all of our visitors who rave about their cups of “joe” at our home. I no longer drink coffee to stay awake. I have it with hot buttered toast, a cookie or all by itself. And always Simpatico. This company knows coffee.
B+T.C. – Massachusetts

I drink Simpatico Way Darker Espresso Roast Low Acid coffee because it doesn’t hurt my stomach AND it tastes great! I’ve suffered from GERD for years, and I’ve given up a lot of great food and drink in order to manage the condition…however coffee is necessary for life! But regular coffee, even the dark roasts, gave me heartburn that the medication could not overcome. Other low-acid coffees tasted like dirty dishwater and weren’t worth getting out of bed for. Now with Simpatico coffee, I get 2 cups of wonderfully delicious coffee every morning with no repercussions, and that’s worth waking up for!
M.P. – Ohio

Last year ...Spring of 2019, a co-worker heard that I could not drink coffee for the last 35 years! They suggested Simpatico.  I tried your coffee then and have been thoroughly enjoying it ever since. I have had acid reflux for that long and it is a real Special Treat that I can enjoy Coffee Again!  I also cannot have Caffeine so I purchase your Low Acid Caffeine free on a regular basis. And it Tastes Great!! My wife enjoys it too! Thanks for Saving my Coffee Breaks!!
B.W. – Michigan

I have been buying Simpatico coffee for years. First and foremost I LOVE the taste of the dark roast. It has flavor without the charred burn. Secondly the low acid is most helpful for acid reflux. And lastly, I believe in the brand and the people behind it. I want to support business owners like Simpatico!
P.F. – Ohio

I first bought simpatico because I had chronic acid reflux but loved coffee and was hoping to find something I could tolerate.  The switch to simpatico 100% solved my chronic heartburn. Besides the relief of getting to maintain my coffee habit (eh addiction) without the burn, it is delicious!! It is smooth and rich and better than any other coffee!!
C.P. – Texas

My husband has always been a long-time lover of coffee but has severe acid reflux not allowing him to drink coffee. Simpatico‘s low acid coffee is the only coffee he can and will drink. When vacationing it’s one of the first things that we pack to take along! Thanks for making a coffee we both love the taste of that we can both enjoy!
A.V. – Michigan

We drink Simpatico Coffee because we do not get acid reflux when We drink it. Also, it tastes better than the coffee we have used before.  I love having it come via mail with no shipping charges too.
N+B.L. – Arizona

I discovered Simpatico Coffee a few years ago when I was searching for delicious, high-quality low-acid coffee. A long-time fan of Peet’s & craft coffee, problems with acid reflux prompted me to search for alternatives. After some hits and misses with low-acid options, I found Simpatico and have never looked back. Even though my symptoms have improved, I will be a lifelong Simpatico customer. Their coffee and service IS just that good. And Simpatico’s commitment to sustainability only deepens my loyalty to their brand. 
C.W. – Massachusetts

We drink Simpatico coffee for the following reasons:
1. It tastes good!  We’ve tried several brands of low acid coffee and the taste was horrible.
2. No pain for those of us who must drink coffee (especially for acid reflux sufferers and those with other digestive issues).
3. Customer service is incredible.  The order arrives very, very quickly.
4. Alex has integrity.  Although we’ve never met him, you can sense he’s a guy with ethics, morals and high standards.
L.R. – New Mexico

Neither my husband or I can drink regular coffee. We both have issues with reflux.

Your coffee is the first my husband has actually liked. He would drink other brands but, they never were like drinking a regular cup of coffee. He forced himself to drink other low acid brands.
He has been drinking coffee a long time, as have I, it is something we really enjoy.
I am glad I found your company.
S.M. – Florida