Business Opportunities

Partnering with Farm Market Stands: Become your own boss for a very low investment and have fun making money and friends at your hometown farmer’s market. Simpatico Farm Market Retail Partners are given training, marketing support, help with equipment acquisition, and a huge head start within a proven business model. Your stand will sell a unique lineup of bagged fresh coffee (roasted the week of your market), innovative bottled products, hand-blended teas, and a lineup of hot, fresh coffee ready to serve. Set your own hours and make some side income in your spare time. Easy reordering/receiving logistics and proven cash flow. Very low four figure investment, including equipment you’ll own. $1000+ investment.

Partnering with Coffee Trucks: We have built two very successful coffee trucks. We take them to Farm Markets, Fairs and Concerts. We’ll build you the truck and sell you the coffee. Running a coffee truck is challenging, but rewarding work, and can be highly lucrative! Mid to upper five figure investment, including equipment and vehicle you’ll own. $40,000+ investment.

Pairing your Existing Retail Shops, Restaurants, Hotels with Simpatico Coffee: Our products have proven success in a variety of retail settings, including gift shops, specialty food stores, grocery stores, restaurants, snack bars, and even hotels. With our easy online ordering portal, your coffee will arrive within days and will be shelf stable for months, guaranteeing your return on investment. Investment only includes your inventory purchased at wholesale prices.

Independent Coffee Shops: Pair Simpatico Coffee with your existing independent coffee shop. We can roast your entire lineup of coffee offerings, or you can simply add a Low Acid Coffee to your lineup. Want us to roast your brand? We can do that too. Simpatico’s unique coffees and blended teas will add value and identity to your operation. We guarantee you won’t be selling the same brew as the place down the street. Set yourself apart with Simpatico Coffee in your coffee shop. Marketing support, operational mentoring, easy online ordering, and lines of credit are all available. Investment only includes your inventory purchased at wholesale prices.

Become a Franchisee: Join the Simpatico family and operate your own Simpatico Coffee Joint. Be your own boss while simultaneously making a comfortable income. Let’s grow together while making great coffee and selling innovative coffee products. Our proven business model and marketing support will ensure you have the tools you need to make your franchise successful. Give yourself a career in a growing industry which has seen constant growth for 7 straight decades – through recession, war, pandemic, etc. . . Our franchise agreement will give you the freedom to put your own stamp on the industry, while simultaneously giving you the support and guidance needed to take the guesswork out of success. High five figure to low six figure investment, including equipment you’ll own. $60,000+ investment.

Seeking International Licensing Manufacturing partners in Canada, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Australia and New Zealand, and Japan: Manufacture and sell Simpatico Coffee Low Acid Coffee in your country. High six figure to low seven figure investment.

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Simpatico Coffee Store Display

Simpatico Store Display


Simpatico Coffee truck

Simpatico Coffee Trucks

 Simpatico at Farmers' Market

Simpatico Farmers' Market Booth